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  • Folwell, Johnston Affected by Printer Security Transition on 3/2-3/3

    The printer security transition begins Monday, March 2. During the first week, the following buildings will have a printer outage of several hours as technicians secure ports to better protect data:

    Folwell Hall - Monday, March 2

    Johnston Hall - Tuesday, March 3

    Each unit will be contacted by email the week prior to scheduled updates.

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  • DVD/CD Drive Options for Future Dell Computers

    The standard configuration Dell computer used by many CLA faculty and staff has changed. All NEW Dell models will no longer have a DVD/CD drive (also known as an optical drive). This is a change at the factory level as technology needs of purchasers evolve.

    Faculty and staff who use DVD/CDs in their work or in a classroom have two options with their next computer purchase:

    1. Submit content to CLA's DCL3 (Digital Content Library).

    2. Purchase a portable external DVD/CD unit when ordering new laptop.

    This change does not affect any current computers, only future CLA standard configuration Dell purchases.

    Relationship managers are available to assist with questions and solutions.

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  • Fusion Tables: The Fabled Slicer-Dicer for (most of) your Data

    Have you found spreadsheet analysis in Excel, Numbers, Open Office or other packages good, but want something more? You should be delighted to hear that Google Fusion Tables is now available for Google Apps at the University of Minnesota. If you've heard about Fusion Tables (or never heard) but wonder what all the hullabaloo is about, and why this could be important, let's get a quick overview.

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The CLA Office of Information Technology (CLA-OIT) seeks ways to leverage technology for the benefit of students as part of our strong commitment to liberal arts education.

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